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My Story


HEY!! Thank you for stopping in to check out my Scentsy Page! :) I’ve been sharing scentsy for over 10 years! I enjoy all things Pink covered in Glitter- you’ll always see me with Coffee, and my Iphone! Thanks to Scentsy 90% of my friends live in my phone! My husband and I are Parents of two FurBabies, Chairman Meow & Kong; and my happy place is Disney °o°! Obviously, our Disney Partnership makes me incredibly happy!

I have been using Scentsy products since February of 2010.  I found the product through a fellow Daycare provider who had BUBBLEGUM warming throughout her house.  I was AMAZED that I couldn't smell diapers when we walked in!  That month they just happened to be coming out with the Hugs and Kisses warmer, which is heart shaped!  I LOVE hearts, and Valentine’s Day is MY holiday, everything pink, red, and hearts... is in my house! I had a party, I had maybe 5-6 people here, and I earned SIX half priced items!  And, it was so easy!
I joined Scentsy because I love the product, and wanted to be able to place orders myself for my friends & family.  Essentially, I was a Kitnapper, I never planned to do anything on the business side. I have to say that the best part is the people I have met; we are a Family- not a family you are born to love, but a family you want to love!  These Ladies I "work" with are amazing. They are truly the best group of people I have met.  Everyone keeps with Scentsy's philosophy of Authenticity! Another thing I love about Scentsy!
  I love the product, and as soon as I had the money for the starter kit; I bought it, and haven't at all regretted that decision!  Scentsy has taken me to places I have never been, and I know it will take me further in the future!  The trainings Scentsy has help you with your business, but also your personal life.  They help you set goals, and you reach for them! I have never been a goal person, but, Orville, Heidi, and my awesome director, Nicole have shown us how important it is to have goals; and now I have set goals, and I have achieved them-- Not only with Scentsy, but with my personal life as well! Being able to provide for myself, my husband, and have the extra to put towards my own shopping habits is amazing!  Scentsy for me is not about the money, it is about the amazing product, that is SAFE for the kids I have in my home on a daily basis.  It is about the value the company has in their product, their consultants, and their families. 
I encourage you to look into the company, into the product. If you are interested in hearing more of what the Scentsy Journey can do for you please, email me, call, or text me *503-428-8597* I will be more than happy to share my Scentsy Love with you!
Thank you for sticking your nose in my business and reading a little about me! 


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